Jim & Jackie Lawrence
Cleveland, TN

Our journey into Beagles began in 1993 when our daughter Stacey came home from school announcing she would like to show dogs instead of getting into sports at school or community leagues.


Thus the search was on for the breed that would fit us. After weeks of going through
AKC’s The Complete Dog Book on breed standards we narrowed our search to six


We spent the next several months at local dog shows investigating the breeds talking
to owners, breeders and handlers. In only a few shows we knew that Beagle would
soon be a big part of our life.

As the search began Stacey was able to get a rescue Cairn Terrier from a friend to
start in the Junior Showmanship ring. After a couple wrong starts in Beagles we were
blessed to get Bayou Oaks Frostbite, AKA Frankie. We’re sure it was short for
Frankenstein. With her we knew we were hooked for life and so the next leg of our
journey began.


Like potato chips you can’t have just one. As our first litter of puppies was approaching
we had to decide what we wanted for our kennel name. On the drive home from a show
we were discussing several options when the Eagles song Desperado came on the radio. It hit us like a bolt of lightning that this would be our kennel name. It describes our beloved little hounds very well, a criminal who stops at nothing. They will steal your heart and anything else you don’t keep secured or locked away. Since then we have shown and bred numerous beagles to their championships and multiple group placements.


Stacey has since become an accomplished all breed handler and graduated from ASU
with a degree in microbiology. She joined the USAF and married but she still owns a

The years have been filled with old and new friends, continued learning experiences,
excitement, disappointments, heartaches and an immeasurable amount of pride and
happiness with what we have achieved. We have recently expanded our journey into
agility and commercial photo shoots and movies.


Our goal is to breed more than just another show dog but lifelong companions that are healthy both physically and mentally, able to do far more. All our puppies are raised in our home under a constant caring watch, socialized and loved from the moment they take their first breath.

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